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WHT have been producing high-end loudspeakers from their Sydney based premises for the past 12 years. All WHT speakers are equipped with matched high efficiency drivers along with extensive cabinet reinforcement and a strong design sensibility.
All our Australian made woofers are constructed by the dedicated WHT team.
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Efficiency is the key

A low efficiency loudspeaker is not a problem for an audiophile with an amplifier of 100 Watts or more. However, the simple way to explain the main difference between loudspeaker with 87 dB/m/W efficiency and the loudspeaker with 94 dB/m/W efficiency comes to ear   when a very low level signal is played: the 87dB/m/W speakers will not output any sound while the 94dB/m/W will already start to perform. The 87dB/m/W will eventually start to produce sound when more power is applied. It is a matter of producing not only lower details but also playing the sounds with richer, more accurate tone structure.

When a medium power is applied the 87dB/m/W speaker will perform with 3 basic dynamic levels. However, the 94dB/m/W will play the same signal only with 8 different dynamic levels.

At the higher power levels the 87dB/m/W unit won't be able to produce any dynamic changes and the drivers will just compress the sound. The 94dB/m/W will still output the music without compression and with greater dynamics.


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